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The Ethereal Dagger is a fantasy story following the adventures of a small group of heroes as they attempt to thwart evil and unravel the mysteries that surround them.

Our story begins with Christian, a seemingly normal man running an Inn and Tavern, the Firewillow, in the peaceful city of Ravenwood. Follow as Christian gets swept up into a murder mystery that takes him onto a path of self discovery and adventure. Along this path, he discovers that he is in fact a wizard by birth! Wizards in ths world are of a separate race than human, dwarf, and elf, and they hold a natural affinity with the magical art. Christian seeks to grow in knowledge of self and gain mastery of illusion. However, along his way, he meets a shady dwarf named Blackbeard.

Blackbeard was raised on the open seas by his father, a naval merchant. An unusual upbringing, Blackbeard retains the mountain heart of a dwarf, but also have a deep love of the sea. After his father was murdered by sea-faring pirates, Blackbeard exacted revenge, claiming the pirate ship’s anchor as his prize and weapon. After this taste of adventure, Blackbeard sought treasure wherever he could find it, and became an integral part of the Black Market on the open seas.

Christian and Blackbeard continue to follow the clues left behind during this murder mystery, and find themselves taken to magical and mysterious lands. It is here that they encounter a wayward Paladin by the name of Baiden. Baiden held his past a secret, but eventually revealed that he had left his father, and Paladin lineage, to become a bandit instead. One night, while raiding with his bandits, he was shocked to find himself back home, with the house they were raiding to be his own father’s. It was that night that he witnessed the death of his father, and it was that night that caused him to leave behind his path of banditry. His witness of his father’s death is still a secret he holds from others, even his own family, but a secret he now shares with Christian and Blackbeard.

Baiden joins the heroes under a common cause, and finds himself wrapped up in their cause. Together, they begin to learn more of each other and, more importantly, they learn more of themselves.

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The Ethereal Dagger

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